CAIRO, — Egyptian President Abdelfatah Al-Sisi and visiting Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa stressed the need of promoting cooperation between their two countries in all fields.

Egypt will always remember the stances of the Kingdom of Bahrain and its brotherly people in support of the will of the Egyptian people particularly after the June 30 revolution, Al-Sisi said at a joint press conference with his guest on Tuesday.

“The visit to Egypt by King Hamad gains additional significance given the serious challenges facing both nations. I’m confident that the special ties between Egypt and Bahrain in all fields will undoubtedly give an impetus to our joint efforts to address these challenges and maintain our security and stability,” he stressed.

Al-Sisi reaffirmed Egypt’s support to Bahrain and the other sisterly Arab countries in the face of the any external threats or foreign interferences.

On terrorism he said the expanding cycle of terrorism and extremism in the region poses a great threat to the stability and security of the Arab countries.

He urged closer coordination of the efforts to confront this serious phenomenon. He paid tribute to the martyrs of duty who fell victim to the terrorism and “lost their lives in defense of the dignity of their homelands.”

He affirmed that both countries share the desire to boost the bilateral and regional cooperation and contribute to the Arab joint action particularly the current delicate stage in the region.

Meanwhile, King Hamad said Bahrain puts its political, economic and commercial potentials at the disposal of Egypt in recognition of the historical leading role of Egypt in serving the Arab issues on top of which is the Palestine question.

“Bahrain is keen on pushing to a higher level the cooperation with Egypt in all fields. We look forward to positive results from this visit to give momentum to the exemplary relationship,” he said.

“The Bahraini people held Egypt in high esteem due to its pivotal role in promoting coexistence, neighborliness, peace and stability in the region,” King Hamad stressed.

He spoke highly of Al-Sisi’s initiative for forming an Arab joint military taskforce for enable the Arab countries to protect their security and stability.

Regarding the results of the Egyptian-Bahraini joint commission, he voiced satisfaction with the deals to strengthen the military and security cooperation between both sides.

King Hamad added that his country and the other members of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) are unanimous on the need to join forces against the flagrant interferences by Iran in their domestic affairs.

Source: Name News Network

Arab News Express