Egypt directs 5M to scientific research sector: Higher Education Ministry

Within its budget for the current fiscal year 2022/2023, the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education directed about 5 billion pounds to the scientific research sector.

According to the allocation, a total of 2.9 billion pounds will be directed to research and service projects.

The total budget allocated to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research this year amounted to about 85.7 billion pounds, distributed between higher education with allocations of 80.6 billion pounds, and about 5 billion for scientific research.

The most prominent goals of the allocation goes the lines with the state’s plan in human building, national security and economic development to improve the standard of living.

In the same context, the report drew attention to the fruits of the state’s efforts in the field of scientific research in recent years, during which Egypt advanced in many global indicators, the most prominent of which is the Global Knowledge Index, in which the state advanced 19 positions, as it ranked 53rd at the level of 154 country in 2021, compared to 2020, in which it ranked 72 out of 136 countries.

It also advanced 4 positions in scientific publishing in 2021 to become 26th after it was 30th in the 2020 classification, along with its progress in the Global Innovation Index 11 positions since 2017, where Egypt ranked 94th in the Global Innovation Index for 2021 after It was ranked 105 in 2017.

Source: Egypt Today Magazine

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