Lebanese newspapers’ headlines for Wednesday 17/8/2016

AN-NAHAR: Who is impeding construction of new building for foreign ministry?

Appointments scenario starts on Thursday by extending term of Kheir

ASSAFIR: Land violation near “Shebaa Farms”…and deadline to contain stance

AL-MUSTAQBAL: Liberation of Shebaa Hospital from political constraints…

And opening on September 1

Egypt seeks “consensus”…and Berri lauds “in name of Arabs”

THE DAILYSTAR: Future: Nasrallah’s offer is unconstitutional

—The Future Movement’s parliamentary bloc Tuesday rejected Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah’s presidency and premiership overture to former Premier Saad Hariri as a breach of the Constitution, saying the Hezbollah chief cannot impose MP Michel Aoun as a sole candidate for the country’s top Christian post.

In a statement issued after its weekly meeting chaired by former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, the bloc stressed that the election of a president and a Parliament speaker, or the nomination of a prime minister are national matters, and not issues for each confessional or sectarian group to decide.

Source: National News Agency