Egyptian President, Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, urged the government, to accelerate the development of the country’s railway network, to avoid deadly train crashes, the presidential spokesman said in a statement.

Sisi’s remarks came, during an evening meeting with Transport Minister, Hesham Arafat, a day after a tragic two-train collision killed at least 49 and wounded more than 130, in the seaside northern city of Alexandria.

“The president gave instructions to form technical committees, to evaluate the maintenance processes and specify the needed spare parts for the trains, and the railroad infrastructure,” said Presidential Spokesman, Alaa Youssef, in the statement.

Sisi also ordered expansion of electric signalling systems, to reduce reliance on human elements, limit similar accidents and step up measures for passengers’ safety.

For his part, Arafat said, his ministry is working hard on the railways’ upgrade, and any recent train delay or disorder would be investigated as soon as it happens.

Earlier on Saturday, Egypt’s top prosecutor, assigned a military engineering body to perform an on-the-spot technical railway check, to examine the soundness of the railroad, the traffic light signals and semaphores, and to issue a report on Friday’s tragic accident.

Meanwhile, the Transport Ministry said, the two drivers of the trains have been held for questioning, and four railway officials were suspended over the tragedy.

Railway accidents have killed and wounded hundreds in Egypt over the past few years, but the deadliest took place in 2002, when 350 passengers were killed, after fire broke out in a train from Upper Egypt

Source: NAM News Network