Egypt has chaired the fourth preparatory session of UN talks, on the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM), expected to be adopted by UN member states, in 2018, it was reported, on Monday.

Addressing the meeting, Egypt’s assistant foreign minister, Hisham Badr, shed light on developmental benefits of migration for migrants themselves, or their homelands or countries where they live.

Badr called for joint approach for the GCM, noting that the countries of migrants, the countries they cross, and those they reach, are jointly responsible for addressing the issue.

He blamed social and economic factors, as the largest cause that enforce youths to migrate, urging more focus on projects that lure young people.

He suggested further cooperation, between the origin and destination countries, to render such projects successful.

The senior diplomat also proposed maximising migrants’ contributions to development, in their origin states, partly through expertise and skills they gain in their new lands.

A cut in duties paid for remittances of migrants, to their origin countries, was also suggested by Badr.-

Source: NAM News Network