Aoun to Nile TV: Future of Hezbollah arms subject to national defense strategy

President Michel Aoun told Nile News Channel on Monday evening that his talks with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi revolved around the impact of the catastrophic events in the Arab world and the necessary means to strengthen bilateral relations.

As for the cancellation of his visit to Al-Azhar, he said that it was more than a protocol visit because moderation, coexistence and respect for freedom of belief were essential principles.

“The Lebanese module goes beyond the issue of religion and is based on respect for freedom of belief, right for divergent [views] and freedom of opinion,” the President said.

He explained that the Lebanese state was coherent and that all the parties were working to establish stability and rebuild the country. Aoun noted that the pluralistic political thinking in the country was the cause of difference in points of view concerning some files.

The President also assured that he gave priority to the security situation, indicating that the preservation of stability would allow officials to address other files.

He asserted that the current government was working in a coherent manner, and that all Lebanese parties were working to serve the interests of the country.

“We cannot ignore the repercussions of the war in Syria on our country, the situation is dangerous, it is a war that knows no borders, we must protect our territory from terrorists who can infiltrate our land,” he said.

Regarding Hezbollah’s weapons, the President said that this issue was subject to the national defense strategy, which the state was charting out before overwhelming events took place.

“In comparison to its regional environment, at the levels of human and economic powers, Lebanon is unable to assemble a military force capable of confronting the enemy, for this we must use other means of combat that involve both popular and regime forces. This is an idea that can be manifested in a realistic plan.”

As for the electoral law, Aoun said that he was in favor of proportional representation because it ensured the representation of all Lebanese.

“We need a solution for the Syrian war to resolve the refugee crisis, which has burdened the Lebanese state and has caused an economic crisis,” he said.

Responding to a question about the Arab league, the head of state finally said that it constituted a moral reference for Arab countries, but could only play an effective role if member states respected its charter.

Source: National News Agency