Dante Labs acquires Cambridge Cancer Genomics to create global excellence in precision oncology

  • Integrated single software platform will enable true patient-centric precision oncology at scale for cancer patients care combining medical, germline, somatic and liquid biopsy data analysis together.
  • Cambridge Cancer Genomics OncOS machine learning oncology software will be integrated in Dante Labs CE-IVD, ISO13485 Immensa Genomics Interpretation Software, and it will become available to clinical and research customers in the summer.
  • The combined solution addresses an estimated $75 billion market opportunity.

CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom, June 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dante Labs, a leading genomics and diagnostics company, today announced the acquisition of Cambridge Cancer Genomics (CCG.ai), a groundbreaking Y-Combinator company & leader in machine learning for clinical oncology, to create a single platform with unparalleled capabilities in genomics and oncology data analysis.

“Matching cancer patients to the best therapy has been a longstanding problem in the field of oncology,” says Dr John W Cassidy, CEO and cofounder of CCG.ai, “CCG.ai was founded on the premise that every patient should be on the right treatment, at the right time, to beat their cancer. Since that founding moment, the team has dedicated themselves to state-of-the-art software development and fundamental research in tumour evolution, treatment response and A.I., to enable better deployment of targeted therapies for all. Now, with Dante Lab’s commercial reach and expertise in direct-to-consumer genomic testing, our products will be even closer to where they can make the ultimate impact – in the lives of patients.”

“Few companies have produced meaningful clinical data of the use of machine learning for the analysis and interpretation of genomics and medical data in clinical oncology,” says Dante Labs CEO Andrea Riposati, “Cambridge Cancer Genomics is in a class of its own. In these past years, the team has developed very smart tools for oncology that make a true difference in the lives of patients. The data is impressive and we look forward to implementing OncOS globally.”

Integration of biology and tech
Broad adoption of precision medicine has been limited by the lack of integration of technology and biology in a single platform. Machine learning requires the generation of proprietary longitudinal, multi-omics data and a very fast feedback loop from the clinical laboratory.

With this new acquisition, Dante Labs will provide clinical organizations with end-to-end oncology solutions to make decisions that have an impact in the lives of the patients.

  • Dante Labs Immensa software received CE-IVD Mark and ISO13485 Certificate for Medical Devices in 2021.
  • Dante Labs end-to-end research and clinical solutions have helped people in 97 different countries, providing insights in rare diseases, infectious diseases and preventive medicine.
  • Dante Labs is hiring a stellar medical team with years of experience in oncology, pediatric cancers and precision medicine.
  • CCG.ai pipelines for data-set generation and transformation pioneered the use of -omics data to machine learning.
  • CCG.ai OncOS precision oncology software platform drives real life decisions to ensure data-driven cancer treatment for all patients.

About CCG.ai
Cambridge Cancer Genomics (CCG.ai) was founded to ensure that each patient has the right drug, at the right time, to beat their cancer. We build the software to enable data-driven precision oncology and systematically develop data-driven biomarkers indicative of treatment response. At CCG.ai we believe that increasing amounts of clinical and genomic data have the potential to transform cancer treatment, and enable oncologists to make smarter decisions about which drug to use in which circumstance.

About Dante Labs
Dante Labs’ mission is to make the most advanced genomic technologies accessible to everyone. To date, it has customers in more than 95 countries who have personally experienced the power of the whole genome. Dante Labs is also a global provider of COVID-19 testing solutions for governments, businesses and individuals to help people get back safely to normal life. To learn more or to purchase a Dante Labs whole genome sequencing or COVID-19 test, visit www.dantelabs.com and follow @DanteLabs.

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