UNHCR Egypt Protection Deliverables (January – December 2018)

Refugees and Asylum-Seekers in Egypt

? 244,910 refugees and asylum-seekers were hosted by Egypt and registered with UNHCR by 31 December 2018.

? 245,992 visits took place to the four UNHCR offices, including 22,824 in Alexandria. Refugees and asylum-seekers were attended to regarding registration, refugee status determination (RSD), community-based protection, child protection, SGBV, general protection and durable solutions.


? 30,902 individuals newly registered with UNHCR between January and December, including 22,986 persons who have arrived in 2018 and 4,543 children who were born in Egypt and registered during the first half of the year.

? 102,153 refugees and asylum-seekers were attended to for other registration related requests, including addition of family members, document renewals, closure and updating of UNHCR registration data

Reception, Counselling and Protection/Legal Assistance

? 1,937 protection related interventions were undertaken, including provision of extensive counselling, protection interviews, protection-based support, relocation and housing.

? 473 individuals received legal counselling and assistance through provision of legal representation, support in marriage authentication, birth registration, filing police reports and representation during legal proceedings.

? 180 government officials were trained during 10 workshops on International Refugee Law, mixed migration and counter-trafficking.

? 1,738 birth certificates were issued under early birth registration procedures, the majority of which were for children born out of wedlock or SGBV incidents. Additionally, 137 birth certificates were issued under late birth registration procedures.

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees