SOCHI, Nov. 25 (NNN-Petra) – Jordan’s King Abdullah II returned Tuesday, after a working visit to the Russian city of Sochi, during which he held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The talks dealt with international efforts in the war on terrorism, as well as the latest developments in the Middle East region, namely, the Syrian arena.

In joint press remarks with the Russian President, the King said the current regional developments compel the international community to work stronger together, both militarily and diplomatically, in the context of Vienna.

The King said: “Daesh, Al Qaeda and their offshoots want this to be a fight against humanity as well as Islam.”

The King added: “Your fight against Daesh is a fight that all of us have to do together, not only in Syria and Iraq, but also you and I have said that this is a global war, a war that binds all of us together. And you and I have both talked for many years about the holistic nature of the challenge how we have to combine international efforts not only in our region, to fight this in Africa, in Asia as well as in our region.”

“So this is not just the challenges we face in Syria and Iraq, but we have also seen terrorism in Saudi Arabia, Beirut and unfortunately recently in Paris as well as Mali,” he noted.

King Abdullah said: “I know that this is a fight that both you and I, our countries, and many others in the world are determined to win. And, again, this is an opportunity for all of us in the international community to come together and fight this fight as part of a coordinated international body”.

“You know, Mr President, I have said for many, many years that the only way of finding a political solution in Syria is with the strong role that both you and Russia plays for a political solution for the Syrian people,” the King added.

King Abdullah offered his condolences to the Russian President, and that of the Jordanian people, for the tragic, terrorist, heinous attack on the innocent Russians that lost their lives on the Metro jet terrorist attack, as well as, the loss of the Russian pilot over Syria ( following the shooting of a Russian fighter aircraft over Turkish air space).

“And, again, I commend the very strong relationship between our two countries and between you and myself. I have known you for many years and our relationship has always been a strong one; and I know it will always continue from strength to strength,” King Abdullah concluded.

The following are the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s remarks:

Your Majesty, I would like to cordially welcome you to Russia.

We are in close contact with each other. It is obvious that today when there is such an intensive fight against international terrorism, we need to get united. And I am aware that our military and special forces are working in that right direction.

And apart from that we’ve got lots of things to discuss and refer to about.

Your Majesty, thank you very much. Thank you for the words of condolences expressed to me – including the downing of our military jet.

This event goes beyond framework of regular fights against terrorism. Naturally, our military are pursuing a heroic path against terrorism. They are sacrificing their selves and their [inaudible].

But today’s event is the blow that has been given to us in our back by the accomplices to terrorists. There is only one way to qualify the event that took place today.

Our jet was downed over the territories of Syria, by the air-to-air missile by the Turkish jet F-16. It fell on the territory of Syria, 4 kilometers from the borders with Turkey. When it was assaulted, it was flying on the level of 6,000 meters, one kilometer away from the border.

In any way, our pilots, not our pilots, nor our jet threaten Turkey. It is an obvious thing. They were pursuing an operation within the fight against ISIL, in the mountainous areas of north Latakia, where militants are located mostly originating from the territories of the Russian Federation.

And in this context they were pursuing and carrying on their direct duty of making preventive attacks on those who might threaten Russia. And people behind that should be directly qualified as international terrorists.

We stated on many occasions that on the territory of Turkey there are also oil being transferred, which were being seized from the territories of Syria. That is how gangsters are receiving their financial support.

And now there are attacks against our backs against our jets, who are fighting against international terrorism.

Taking into account that fact that we signed an agreement on [inaudible] and preventing clashes with the United States; and as you know Turkey was among the ones who announced that they had joined the US-led coalition in their fight against terrorism.

Since ISIL has so much resources, which stood at hundreds of thousands of millions, billions of dollars from illicit oil sales. In addition to that they are protected by the forces of their own state.

That is why we understand why they are so blatant in their activities, why they are killing so many people using so many atrocities; why they are committing terrorist attacks throughout the world including in the heart of Europe.

We would analyse everything in great detail and today’s tragic event will have significant consequences, including relations between Russia and Turkey.

We always treated Turkey not as a close neighbor, but as our friendly state. I know who is interested in what happened to day – not us by any means. And instead of immediately getting in contact with us, as far as we know, the Turkish side immediately turned to their partners in NATO in order to discuss this incident. As if it was us who downed the Turkish jet and not vice versa. Do they want to put NATO at the service of ISIL?

I understand that every state has its regional interests and we always respected that; but we would never tolerate these atrocities as today to take place. I really hope that the international community will make it and get united in the fight against common evil.

In this context, we really count on the active participation of all countries of the region. And we are really glad to have you here today Your Majesty.

We will continue working with you experts, with your special forces and military as well as those from. Thank you.