Biban 23 Discusses the Importance of Financing and Attracting Talent to Raise the Economy

Riyadh, The third day of the “Biban 23” event featured discussions on the value of assisting small and medium-sized businesses in luring top talent, generating innovative ideas, and creating jobs that will boost the economy.

This came during a panel session on “Financing and Attracting Talent: A Essential Influencer for Growth Leaders” as part of the “Biban 23” forum’s events.

The speakers discussed the significance of increasing investor and regulator awareness of startups, as well as how to educate, train and make entrepreneurs aware of their options through programs offered by institutions with a connection to the government.

They stressed that failure does not mean the end of the road and that the culture of entrepreneurship must change by supporting them and paving all avenues for their assistance. They also noted the importance of supporting the successes attained by entrepreneurs and highlighting them to society by celebrating them.

They also emphasized the value of financial incentives and training to entice young people to join start-up businesses and contribute to their expansion and profitability.

Source: Saudi Press Agency