Biban 23 Discusses the Importance of Developing Talent in the Field of Technology for Entrepreneurs

Riyadh, March 12, 2023, SPA — Ibrahim Niaz, the Executive Director of the National Program for the Development of the Information Technology Sector, has stated that the program aims to accelerate the development of the Kingdom’s technological infrastructure.

During a panel discussion titled “Unifying Efforts to Create Innovation: Environmental Regulatory Meetings” as part of the “Biban 23” forum organized by the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises (Monsha’at), the speakers emphasized the importance of talent and innovation in small and medium-sized businesses. They also discussed the relationship between innovation and economic performance in various countries around the world and the government’s role in inspiring and supporting talent to improve economic performance. The speakers highlighted the need for investment in start-ups as a crucial strategy for improving economic performance.

Source: Saudi Press Agency