Arab Health Ministers Council urges international community to stop massacres in Gaza

The Council of Arab Health Ministers urged the international community to assume its responsibilities to stop the brutal massacres in the Gaza Strip and open safe and sustainable humanitarian corridors to ensure the access and flow of humanitarian and relief aid to alleviate the burden of the humanitarian catastrophe that the Palestinian people are suffering in Gaza. The Council released a statement denouncing the ongoing crimes against humanity and heinous massacres that have left thousands of innocent civilians dead or injured in the Gaza Strip. The Council emphasized that the war on the Gaza Strip must end immediately and issued a dire warning about the devastating effects on humanitarian relief and public health that will result from the ongoing genocide and attacks against the Palestinian people. In view of the severe Israeli aggression and the significant obstacles facing the medical teams in the Gaza Strip, the Council commended their bravery and voiced support for the Palestinian people’s determination to remain on their land, cautioning against any attempts to force them to relocate elsewhere.

Source: Jordan News Agency