AOI, SAMCO Egypt sign cooperation protocol

Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI) Abdel Men’em el Tarras has emphasized the importance of implementing directives of President Abdel-Fattah El Sisi to strengthen constructive cooperation among state industrial institutions and to exploit national manufacturing capabilities to implement national development projects.

This came during the signing of a cooperation protocol with “SAMCO Egypt” group of companies.

Terras praised experiences of “SAMCO Egypt” group of companies in implementing national projects in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East, noting the agreement is meant to implement national projects in accordance with Egypt’s Vision 2030.

He added that it was also agreed to coordinate efforts and exchange expertise where the manufacture of machines and equipment for smart car parks in Egypt is concerned, adding this should be done in cooperation with the Federation of Industries and the Ministry of Industry.

He touched upon joint cooperation by utilizing the training capabilities available at the Arab Organization for Industrialization and the “SAMCO Egypt” group of companies to create qualified cadres.

He stressed the importance of achieving joint integration in many industries, including rubber, stainless steel, fiber manufacture, modern building materials and finishes, and other various development areas.

Tarras had also agreed to form a joint committee with the “SAMCO Egypt” group of companies to study the implementation of future projects in Egypt and African and Arab countries. Such cooperation would help provide many job opportunities for young engineers and technicians, not to mention training and acquiring modern skills in line with standards of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

For his part, Eng. Sameh Mohamed Soliman, Chairman and CEO of Samco Egypt Group, stressed the importance of strengthening cooperation with the Arab Organization for Industrialization as the country’s industrial backer, and making use of its technological expertise to increase local manufacturing rates and localize modern technology in many industries, including the manufacture of smart car parking machines and equipment.

He referred to cooperation to implement national projects in Egypt, as well as the African and Arab regions.

Source: State Information Service Egypt