Al-Rashidi: Kuwaiti Taekwondo practitioners keen on experiencing in Lebanon’s Asian tourney

The 16-member Kuwaiti Taekwondo squat is keen on displaying their talents and excel in the Asian Taekwondo championship held in Beirut Lebanon, said a Kuwaiti official on Saturday.

Head of the Kuwait delegation to the tournament and member of the Taekwondo Federation Faisal Al-Rashidi told KUNA that the practitioners would partake in several Taekwondo bouts categories, noting that the juniors and the cadets of the team should take the opportunities to do their best in the Asian tournament before reaching the level of adults.

Gaining experience in such prestigious tournaments would prepare future Kuwaiti fighters to excel in upcoming tournaments, said Al-Rashidi.

On his part, head of coach of the Kuwaiti team Waleed Al-Mershad affirmed that the members of the squat had gained experience in the current Asian tournament, noting that Talal Al-Qahtani and compatriot Khaled Al-Mutairi had done well in their bouts despite losing.

The Asian tournament, which kick-started today, will continue until September 10th.

After the conclusion of the tournament, the Kuwaiti team will be partaking in the fifth Beirut annual open on September 11-13.

Source: Kuwait News Agency

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