Al Manar: NileSat decision political and unjust

Al-Manar T.V. issued a statement on Wednesday in which it dismissed Egypt’s NileSat decision to stop broadcasting Hezbollah-run Al-Manar T.V. as strictly political and unjust.

“This decision is not based on any sort of legal or professional justification,” the statement read, deeming this step as the outcome of continuous political pressure “by a well-known source” due to Al-Manar’s support to popular Arab and Islamic causes, with the Palestinian cause at the forefront.

Al-Manar’s statement went on to accuse NileSat administration of mal-management coming up with bogus excuses to justify its decision.

“Claims accusing Al-Manar of fomenting strife will not convince anyone. Everybody knows that Al-Manar is a channel of unity and resistance at the time that NileSat broadcasts tens of channels that promote strife, takfirism, and religious disputes,” the statement added.

Source: National News Agency

Arab News Express