Al-Azhar Sends 50 more Trucks in Fourth Relief Convoy to Gaza

Al-Azhar announced the fourth aid convoy of its Egyptian Zakat and Charity House set off to the Rafah border crossing.

The convoy consisted of 50 giant trucks carrying approximately 1,000 tons of medical supplies, food, clean water, living necessities, and large quantities of blankets, quilts, and mattresses.

This brings the total number of trucks launched by Al-Azhar that have entered the Gaza Strip to 125, carrying nearly 2,000 tons of relief aid.

In a statement, Al-Azhar’s Bait Zakat and Sadakat (Zakat and Charity House) said the fourth relief convoy sent by Beit to the Gaza Strip comes within the framework of the call of the Grand Imam Sheikh Ahmed Al-Tayyeb to all the people of the world to participate in the global campaign to relieve Gaza.

“This is needed due to the continued suffering of the Palestinian people and the worsening conditions, with the continuation of the Israeli aggression and the bombing of every place in Gaza, for more than 80 days amid a humanitarian and health disaster that is i
ncreasing day by day,” added the statement.

“The Israeli war has resulted in the martyrdom of more than 20,000, most of them children, women, and the elderly, and the injury of more than 60,000 others.”

The statement confirmed that donations flowed from all over the world after opening the door for cash, in-kind donations, and medical supplies to support our people in Gaza.

People from 70 countries donated to the campaign, including Germany, the United Arab Emirates, the Sultanate of Oman, Australia, Italy, Spain, Britain, India, Iraq, Morocco, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Pakistan, Qatar, France, Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Malaysia, Tanzania, Indonesia, Argentina, and Tunisia.
Source: State Information Service Egypt