Abacus Cambridge Partners named 2020 Apigee Emerging Partner of the Year in EMEA

The award recognises Abacus’ continued success working with Apigee to deliver meaningful digital transformations for customers in the EMEA region. The recognition demonstrates Abacus as a digital innovation partner of choice for global customers.

LONDON, April 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Abacus Cambridge Partners today announced that it has been recognised as the 2020 Apigee Emerging Partner of the Year in EMEA by the Business Application Platform (BAP) team at Google Cloud. The award recognises Abacus’ continued support and remarkable performance in delivering innovation in the Apigee ecosystem, helping enterprises worldwide to innovate and digitally transform.

Abacus Cambridge Partners named 2020 Apigee Emerging Partner of the Year in EMEA

“Digital innovation lies at the foundation of Abacus’ value proposition,” said Abbas Khan, CEO of Abacus Cambridge Partners. “We believe that successful digital adoption comes through investment in enterprise systems, deep innovation, and exceptional execution. We are extremely proud to have been working in partnership with Google Cloud and especially with the BAP portfolio. Together with Google Cloud, we have helped numerous customers innovate, leverage digital assets (inside and outside), deliver new business models and position themselves as digital leaders. And we’ve done this across business sectors: Financial Services and Fintech with open banking, Telecom with next-generation developer API initiatives, large-scale smart government supporting IoT-led initiatives, and in Retail by leveraging digital assets to drive superior customer experience and loyalty.”

“We’re delighted to recognize Abacus Cambridge Partners’ expertise and contributions for driving our customers’ success over the past year,” said Rob Taylor, Head of Alliances & Partnerships at Google Cloud’s BAP team. “Abacus has demonstrated strong capabilities across business verticals, delivering timely API-driven solutions that solve our customers’ complex business challenges and help them innovate at a faster pace. We’re excited to continue working with Abacus to help our customers succeed in their digital journeys.”

Shoaib A. Khan, Managing Director for North America at Abacus, who also leads Abacus’ Global Digital Transformation Practice said, “We are thrilled to receive this award by Google Cloud in recognition of our capabilities to create extraordinary experiences for our clients. With the recent disruptions caused in the previous year, it becomes even more critical to encourage accelerated innovation across business verticals. We are proud to be part of this journey with our clients and congratulate everyone at Abacus Cambridge Partners and Google Cloud for creating a conducive, digitally-enabled ecosystem for our clients worldwide, helping them to embrace new technologies for expanded growth and innovation,” he added.

Abacus’ Google Cloud services span the key areas such as API implementation, governance and maturity, developer experience, cloud managed services, smart analytics, Anthos, application modernisation, and cloud platform migration.

About Abacus Cambridge Partners: ‘Abacus’ is a technology firm headquartered in London with offices in New York, Dubai, Riyadh, Lahore and Cairo. The company works with customers across industry, helping them innovate, navigate technology and implement solutions through their digital transformation journey. Abacus works in three primary dimensions: Enterprise Systems, Innovation Solutions and Managed Services. For more on the company, please visit www.abacuscambridge.com

Contact: Fatima Rizvi, fatima.rizvi@abacuscambridge.com

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