481 development projects carried out in Qalioubia in 2 years – ministry

Planning Minister Hala el Saeed said 481 development projects were carried out in Qalioubiya governorate at a total investment cost of 11.7 billion pounds.

The projects were implemented in the domains of education, housing, electricity, transport, irrigation and local development, she added.

This came in the 8th edition of a report following up citizens in the governorates during 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 that was issued by the Planning Ministry.

In relation to the efforts exerted to eradicate hunger, provide food security and promote sustainable agriculture, nine projects were implemented in the sector of water resources and irrigation at EGP 22 million, the report said.

On guaranteeing healthy life and promoting welfare for all ages, five projects were carried out at a EGP 122 million cost, the report said.

As for guaranteeing good education for everybody, 82 projects were done in the sector of pre-university education at a cost of EGP 433.2 million, the report said.

Thirteen projects were implemented in the sector of drinking water and sanitation at a cost of EGP 729 million, the report added.

Also, six projects were implemented in the field of electricity and renewable energy at a cost of EGP 29 million, said the report, adding that 81 projects were implemented under the local development programs for electricity and lighting at a cost of EGP 69 million.



Source: State Information Service Egypt

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