129th Canton Fair Closed with Record-breaking Buyer Source Countries, Building a Stronger Bridge for Global Trade

GUANGZHOU, China, April 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The 129th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) closed on April 24 with buyers registering from a record-breaking 227 countries, providing an efficient trading platform for global buyers to find Chinese innovative products.

The Fair organized 44 “Promotion on Cloud” activities in 32 countries and regions around the world, and established partnerships with 10 industrial and commercial institutions including Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Brazil (CCCB) and Chamber of International Commerce of Kazakhstan through online agreement signing, further expanding its network to support buyers with access to Chinese businesses.

Xu Bing, Spokesperson of the Canton Fair and Deputy Director General of China Foreign Trade Centre said: “The Canton Fair has promoted the development of international trade and even the global economy. The value of the Canton Fair lies in its innovative services that can promote trade cooperation between China and the world. That includes providing reliable supplier and buyer resources, and offering comprehensive insights for industry.”

The 129th Canton Fair was successfully concluded.

The 129th Canton Fair empowered buyers to directly communicate with China’s over 800 leading businesses and key industrial clusters through matchmaking events for Russia’s X5 Group, Indonesia’s Kawan Lama Group and America’s Kroger, and staged promotion activities of industrial clusters such as Shantou toy, Guangdong small household appliances, Zhejiang textile and Shandong food industry.

26,000 exhibitors uploaded over 2.76 million products, an increase of 290,000 over the last session, including 840,000 new products and 110,000 smart products. These new products made with revolutionized technology demonstrate to the world Chinese companies’ vitality in innovation and a brand-new image of Chinese enterprises and brands.

The Fair’s official website was visited a staggering 35.38 million times with 6.87 million visits to the virtual exhibition halls, including 100 thousand visits to 2662 VR stands. Live streams were watched 880 thousand times, with views per each live stream increasing by 28.6 percent thanks to leveraged sources provided by the Fair to help exhibitors engage effectively with their targeted buyers and to better understand their markets.

Alongside its cooperation with domestic and international partners, the Fair has facilitated a one-stop negotiation and sourcing process for buyers when dealing with businesses in China, offering financing, inspection to quality certification, logistics and transportation services.

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